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In recent years claims have become more technical and due to the increase in fraudulent claims, Insurers’ attitudes have hardened considerably.  Nowadays insurers will invariably call in their own specialist Loss Adjuster.

Our optional Loss Recovery service provides you with a team of claims experts, surveyors and forensic accountants.   These specialists will work with us to ensure your claim is valued appropriately and successfully negotiated to achieve full settlement.

Your Loss Adjuster will give advice in helping you survive a major loss. For example he can advise on what the policy will pay to keep your business functioning profitably.

Your Loss Adjuster will assist in the quantification of your loss and in gathering the evidence needed to prove it.

Your Loss Adjuster will offer valuable guidance to protect your interests during a liability claim. (Ordinarily Insurers will investigate and respond to claims made against you)

Your Loss Adjuster will help negotiate settlement of your claim and press for interim payments when you need them.

Your Loss Adjuster will resist any unjustified repudiations and proactively drive your claim to settlement.

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